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The Astrologer's Book of Charts Getting To The Heart Of Your Chart From Symbol To Substance Using Astrology To Create A Vocational Profile Draconic Astrology


Astrology: The New Generation (various authors)

Astrology: The New Generation

by various authors

Price: £14.99. With postage: £14.99 (free in UK) / £17.99 (Int.). 326pp.
Meet fourteen ascending stars, all of whom are at the forefront of the current astrological revival. Each member of this celestial coalition has contributed an essay reflecting their area of expertise, from the traditional and mundane to the spiritual, psychological and evolutionary. Astrology: The New Generation is an anthology of techniques and insights that will enhance your astrological skills and understanding. Gary Caton: The Evolutionary Journey of Venus; Frank C. Clifford: The Sun and Midheaven in Vocation; Rebecca Crane: Essential Counseling Skills; Nick Dagan Best: Venus Retrogrades and Returns; Benjamin Dykes: Time Lords in Traditional Astrology; Maurice Fernandez: Mental Health - A Spiritual Perspective; John Green: The Astrology of the Self; Tony Howard: Pluto in Libra and Scorpio; Mark Jones: The Pluto in Virgo Generation; Keiron Le Grice: The Archetypal Dynamics of Individuation; Eric Meyers: The Planets and Spiritual Awakening; Moses Siregar III: Locational Astrology and A*C*G; Wendy Stacey: Planetary Cycles and Cinema Trends; Branka Stamenkovic: The Lord of the Geniture.

Getting to the Heart of Your Chart

Getting To The Heart Of Your Chart

by Frank C. Clifford

Price: £14.99. With postage: £14.99 (free in UK) / £17.99 (Int.). 254pp.
When looking at a birth chart, where do we begin? How do we assess what's most important? How do we spot themes in the horoscope without getting lost in too much detail? Based on many years' experience with clients and researching thousands of horoscopes, Frank Clifford offers a methodical 'way in' to understanding the essentials areas and dynamics of any horoscope. Filling an important gap in the market, this new volume includes dozens of case studies and horoscopes, and many new observations that'll change your way of working with astrology.

From Symbol To Substance: Training the Astrological Intuition

From Symbol To Substance

by Richard Swatton

Price: £5.99. With postage: £6.99 (UK) / £7.99 (Int.). 37pp.
From Symbol to Substance offers various methods and examples, as well as a unique guiding framework, to assist in the training of intuition. Learn to: develop a creative and spontaneous interpretation of any placement; train and enhance intuitive faculties when analysing birth charts; think creatively when exploring symbolism and correspondences.

Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile

Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile

by Faye Cossar

Price: £14.99. With postage: £14.99 (UK) / £17.99 (Int.). 262pp.
In this practical, innovative guide, you will be shown how to combine astrology with the techniques employed by career counsellors. You'll learn how to help clients discover the type of work that best suits them and to spot the problems that block their paths. Along the way, you'll gain fresh insight into your vocational aptitudes and how to develop your own way of working with clients. Business astrologer Faye Cossar will show how the horoscope can be used to create an indispensable, tangible product - a Vocational Profile - which enables you and your clients to build a CV and design a website and logo; identify talents, motivations, blocks and personal style; define tangible goals and awaken life purpose and passion.

The Draconic Chart

The Draconic Chart

by Rev. Pamela Crane

Price: £23.95. With postage: £27.00 (UK) / £29.00 (Int.). Available now. 354pp.
From the recognised authority comes the long-awaited revision of a pioneering masterwork. The fruit of 30 years' study and experience, Pamela Crane's important work is now available in a new, enlarged and revised edition. This trail-blazing volume unravels the history of the Draconic Zodiac and its meaning in the natal chart, synastry, forecasting, rectification and even horary, using a host of well-known examples. The Draconic Chart is an extremely important element in a lucid, multi-layered system in which each zodiac expresses a distinctly different facet of human experience. This book focuses on the interaction between the familiar Tropical chart-describing the conditions of your current life-and the Draconic, with its deep insight into your life meaning: driving principles, spiritual purpose, vocation, and karma. All this as well as documenting Pamela Crane's own impassioned journey from her first apprenticeship to the discovery of the horoscope of Christ's Nativity.